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    For orders over $120.00 we provide you with free shipping.
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    We offer the same shipping fee of $14.50 to all customers within Canada no matter where you are located.
  • After Sales Service
    If you have questions or concerns regarding your purchase from us you can contact us via the “contact” page on this site. We are always happy to help you!
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    If you want to check out products in person we can refer you to a dealer nearest you!

Customer Service (CA): (905) 264-2034

Payment methods

The Lamy Canada website accepts payment via VISA , Mastercard or PayPal.

All payments will be subject to both validation checks and authorization by the card issuer.

In case of the card issuer refusing payment we will not process the order and will contact you.

All payments are processed in a secure manner using PayPal. A PayPal account is not necessary to pay by credit card. If you prefer, you can call our Canadian office and pay by phone.
(905) 264-2034

We take great care in ensuring that your order and all payment details are held securely. We are however not liable should a third party have accessed the data whilst ordering.